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Top 11 Best Plate Carriers in 2021

Cool Black Plate Carrier background

Plate carriers have become more and more popular, and now are a great safeguard not only for military personnel but also for civilians. If you're looking for the best ballistic vest to add to your tactical gear, you've come to the right place!

We'll take you through our picks for some of the best plate carriers you can buy plus teach you the basics of plate carriers, and how to choose the best one. Let's go!


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What is MOLLE?

MOLLE plate carrier

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. It is a special type of tactical gear which is considered as the current standard of Army equipment used for carrying load-bearing packs that combat soldiers wear. The MOLLE system is used by NATO troops, specifically from Great Britain and the USA. These systems are also usually employed by different law enforcement agencies.

Its modularity comes from its use of the PALS, also known as the Pouch Attachment Ladder System. This PALS system consists of nylon strips sown to the equipment in a ladder pattern  to allow for the attachment of other MOLLE compatible gear.

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