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NIJ Certified vs. NIJ Compliant vs. NIJ Tested/Rated: What's the Difference?

NIJ Certified vs. Compliant vs. Tested/Rated

It's important to know the difference between these labels, because when it comes to accountability, genuine NIJ-certified protection is head and shoulders above certain brands that offer NIJ-compliant body armor. Why is that? What exactly does NIJ certification involve that makes it superior? We're diving into these questions today so that you can make the best choice when it comes to potentially life-saving body armor.

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NIJ Standard 0101.07: New Body Armor Levels Are Changing the Game

NIJ Standard 0101.07: New Body Armor Levels Are Changing the Game

For the last 15 years in the US, ballistic threat ratings for non-military body armor were designated by the National Institute of Justice’s NIJ-STD 0101.06 ("STD" meaning "standard," in this case); but now that standard has been totally overhauled.

Whether you’re a body armor user, supplier, or tester, Bulletproof Zone has got the main takeaways of NIJ’s updated standard 0101.07 plus those of the new reference standard 0123.00.

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Body Armor is Legal in Which States?

Justice scale and gavel

Firearms are among the most dangerous threats to both the public and law enforcement, not just in the United States but also in many other parts of the world. This is why it is important to choose the right level of protection and style for any situation you might find yourself in. But, is it legal to own body armor in the first place?

Just so you know, some states have specific body armor laws concerning the buying and selling of these products. It is your full responsibility to know if you have really purchased legal body armor or not according to the restrictions in your area of residence.

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Can Body Armor be Shipped Internationally?

Flags of different countries raised with each other

Because body armor helps preserve life (and staying alive is a universal desire), we here at Bulletproof Zone regularly get questions about whether we can ship gear to an address outside of the USA.

So in this article, we're answering your questions about shipping body armor internationally.

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How To Choose a Concealable Bulletproof Vest

Man wearing a cool concealable bulletproof vest under a jacket
When you work in a high-risk environment, having the appropriate body armor between your torso and a bullet or blade can make all the difference in how you fare during an altercation. There are different types of bulletproof vests offering protection from a range of weapons and ammunition.

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[Now Available] ATEK PROTEK Armor On Bulletproof Zone

ATEK logo with police officer holding a weapon behind a squad car

When you leave your home, are you 100% certain that your family is safe there? When you get in your car to travel, do you think everything is secure for you?

Protective clothing may initially come to your mind, but would you like to know how you can increase your and your loved one’s safety at home, in the car, and anywhere outside?

Bulletproof Zone is proud to announce that you can now purchase ATEK Defense System products on our website.

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