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Have you ever thought of what you should do in case an unfortunate event happens when you are at home? How will you keep your family safe? Where will you go? Can you hide somewhere? 

Indeed, our family is everything. Keeping them safe and protected is a MUST. Hence, the next steps that you take to keep your family safe from natural calamities, such as tornadoes, severe storms, etc.) or other unfortunate events are critical. And, the best decision that you can make for your family is to have a safe room or shelter to protect them during emergencies. 

Worker securing REMAINSAFE Steel Safe Shelters to flatbed truck

Bulletproof Zone is pleased to announce that we are now selling steel shelters fromRemainSafe.

RemainSafe: What Can They Offer You?

RemainSafe is a company that designs, produces, and tests Steel Safe shelters for more than ten years. They offer various kinds of safe rooms, such as a storm shelter, hurricane shelter, a safety closet, and many more. After over 2000 installations, their mission stays as:We save lives!

Their team consists of dedicated men and women who come from diverse cultures and have different capabilities. They take roles in communities and support various organizations and individuals. Their goal is to uphold theCONFIDENCE, SECURITY, and FUTURE for generations to come.

Shelters: Keeping Your Loved One Safe

When a natural disaster strikes, is there a safe place where you can take your family? Where is it? How fast will it take you to get your family there?

A shelter, also called a safe room, offers life-saving options for you and your family from destructive hurricanes or storms, even for houses without basements.

After a series of severe storms in various areas, shelters became a necessity for many households. 

Why? It is because one of the safest places you can be in during a hurricane is underground.

Basements could have been a perfect solution. However, they are still prone to debris and collapse during a natural disaster.

A shelter is indeed your best alternative option, which is possible even for flood-prone or highly urbanized locations.

All safe rooms are made under particular specifications under federal law, which means they must abide by the safety standards. They are constructed to resist strong winds of up to 250 mph and more than 3,000 pounds of force. And while the common location of the shelters is in the basement or garages, new designs now allow them to be in other areas of your home.

RemainSafe Products

Worker welding a steel bar

RemainSafe developed and designed their products to be the safest in the market while giving the best protection. Over the years, their product engineering proved to be the most user-friendly shelter, which is even safe for those with kids at home. 

  • FEMA Compliant

  • 100% Steel Design and Construction

Shelters have four feetcome along and an especially-forged hook on their back wall. If you cannot open the door because a large object is blocking the front part, you can hook one end of the come along to the hook and the other to the door to force the door open. 

Moreover, the shelters come with adouble-lid system that can open on the top. The typical opening is still on the front, but it has another emergency exit door on its back end. Both the front and back door can be operated by hand but needs two grown-ups to do it.

  • Exterior Strength With Interior Comfort

One of RemainSafe Safe room's best features is that the installation of every unit is with a well-designedanchor system. Regular and medium-sized shelters need eight pieces of #4 rebar and extra-large ones need 18 pieces. Also, each has a coal tar epoxycoating to protect it from corrosion or rust. It is the same component that us US Army Corp of Engineers uses for the steel equipment that is used below water level. 

All units have a battery-powered airinduction systemthat is fixed through a vent above the shelter. The internal part of the shelter is also keptwell-litusing a fluorescent light, which can be opened continuously for 24 hours through 8D batteries.

The best feature is that these shelters are built to withstand 250mph of wind

Can you imagine it? Each RemainSafe products underwent thorough testing with debris impacts based on Test Protocol 4, Tornado. Their shelter compliance is regularly reviewed and passed by the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University. 

  • Easy to Use Lids and Access Doors

As mentioned above, all of RemainSafe’s shelters have various access doors and easy to open lids, which are perfect for families with kids at home. It is also a great choice if you have loved ones who are physically challenged.

The company manufactures and fabricates every unit at their regional facilities. They also have a quality assurance team to ensure that all requirements and conditions are met. Each unit’s parts are cut accurately with their laser cutters, then put together by highly-skilled welders. The product becomes a completed shelter, your well-designed protection in keeping your family safe.

Once the product is completed, it is transferred to the dye testing area. The testers will put the dye on the welded side. It is a process to make sure that all weld will never leak. Once the dye test is done and the unit passes the test, it goes out for painting. At the paint department, the insides of the shelter undergo coating, priming, and final painting. Once the paint is dried, the interiors are installed. Again, the QA team checks everything thoroughly before prepping the shelter for shipment.

Types ofRemainSafe Shelters

RemainSafe have four primary types of shelters.

1. Underground Garage Shelter

Underground garage shelter

This type of shelter does not occupy much area in your garage as it is placed under the ground. Most designs allow your vehicle to be comfortably parked in your garage without any obstructions. Anunderground garage shelter is what makes it a perfect choice for those who want a safe room with easy access to their cars. Imagine receiving a tornado warning and you want to go to your shelter immediately. This kind will allow you to go to a safe place without having to risk the safety of your family in stormy weather.

2. Above Ground Shelters

Above-ground shelters are popular both in homes and offices. Sometimes, it is impossible to install an underground shelter because of groundwater tables. It is also the case for people with below round phobias. Because of it, above-ground shelters are your best alternative. They have the same purpose as those of underground shelters, but their materials and engineering might be different. 

3. Below Ground Exterior Shelters

If you need a shelter but do not have a garage nor have space to build inside your home, abelow-ground exterior shelter is perfect for you. It will keep your family safe and sound without worrying about any harm during a severe storm or tornado. This kind is installed on the ground with the vent and door up.

4. Safety Closet

Diagram of safety closet

The purpose of a safety closet is to protect you and your family from severe storms and tornados. It is best for new homes as you can have it built as a typical closet. The difference is the design, engineering, and material used (100% steel). It can also serve as a FEMA-compliant safe room.  


Did you know that RemainSafe can have your shelters customized? Yes, RemainSafe can do custom shelters, bunkers, and personalized closets for your new or renovated home. You can let them know of the specific dimensions you need to tailor-fit your needs.

Final Thought

Having a safe place where you can keep your family secure during an unfortunate event will give you peace of mind. Be it an underground shelter or an above-ground shelter, RemainSafe is still the best brand that you trust. 

Fortunately, we will make your purchase easier. RemainSafe Steel Safe Shelters are now available in theBulletproof Zone. Check out RemainSafe’s best products through thislink. We, at Bulletproof Zone, welcome RemainSafe, and we look forward to fruitful years ahead and more products to come.  

Still, if you want to know more about bulletproof items like bags, plate carriers, and protective clothing, go to the Bulletproof Zone website or contact us at(408) 909-4938 for more details. Keep in mind that these shelters' purpose is to keep you and your loved ones protected from severe storms, tornadoes, or any other dangerous incidents. So, choose a company like RemainSafe that has the full dedication to providing you only the best. Select the ones where you can feel secure and remain safe. 


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