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About BulletSafe

BulletSafe is a manufacturer that prides themselves on affordable protection, so that both companies and individuals alike can ensure their safety. Tom, founder of Bullet Safe, originally sought to and develop a bulletproof vest that could offer top protection without costing an arm and a leg. This BulletSafe NIJ Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest that Tom developed provides comfortable, affordable protection that was also concealable, perfect for those who work jobs such as security, escorts, and other safety-related jobs. At only $299.99, this vest would become an immediate success and BulletSafe would continue to grow and expand to the offerings they have today. 

Not only limiting themselves to concealable bulletproof vests, BulletSafe offers other products as well for both overt and covert protection. Their bulletproof shields such as the BulletSafe Level IIIA 19.5X35.5 Bulletproof Shield offers professional level protection at an amazing value, great for smaller security firms or any other profession that may require such a level of protection. More casual items such as the BulletSafe NIJ Level IIA Bulletproof Baseball Cap provides more covert protection when you may need to be more conspicuous but still want protection wherever you go. 

BulletSafe offers a range of products that are high quality, yet affordable, making them ideal for any protection needs that you may have, whether you want concealable Level IIIA protection, or a full sized bulletproof shield for more dangerous jobs. See our full catalog of Bullet Safe Products and get yourself protected today!