Are Stab and Slash Proof Clothing Worth It?

The entire world now is on high alert as the fight to contain the COVID-19 pandemic continues. As most people try to do their part to help, one of the most notable jobs that offer their time and effort while risking their health and their lives is our frontline professionals. Unfortunately, even with their unselfish sacrifice to save lives, they still experience discrimination and attacks, even while on off-duty. It is why being ready never fails. 

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Read through this article to understand why you should invest in protective clothing. What are the areas of the body that you need to protect the most? Should you have a stab/ cut/ slash-resistant clothing even if you have a bulletproof vest on?


Stab, Cut, and Slash-Resistant Clothing: How are they different from other protective gear?

Unlike guns,Sharp Materials like Knives, scissors, and paper cutters are readily available. Even without a permit, a regular person can buy it in a bookstore, a supermarket, or a hardware store. These objects do not cost much, which makes it more accessible to anyone.

Unfortunately, these sharp objects can also be used as weapons. An assailant can have one and make a close-range attack, which can prove to be fatal if the damage is to the body's vital organs, including the heart and the arteries.

How can one lower the risk of harm and fatality during an attack as such? Your best choice is having a slash, stab, and cut-resistant clothing. 

Many might wonder how it is different from other ballistic gears, such as aBulletproof vest? Let us look into this specific type of protective gear more closely.

There are various types of body armors. While most are used asBulletproof Clothing,some are designed against attacks using sharp objects. They include:

  • Stab Resistant Clothing:
    It is protective clothing that is best against puncture wounds from edged-blade objects or knives. Stab resistant clothing typically has polyethylene material that gives this clothing a rigid structure. Some brands have added aluminum plates around the body to boost protection to critical areas of the body.
  • Cut Resistant Clothing:
    It is a type of protective gear with lighter material, which is preferred by many as it can be worn as everyday clothing. 
  • Slash Resistant Clothing:
    This type of protective clothing is designed to protect a person from slashing attacks. However, its ability to protect its wearer from puncture wounds is low.

Some bulletproof vests are designed to protect its user from bullet projectiles and stabs, cuts, or slashes. However, note that it is not intuitive that a bulletproof is also stab/ cut/ or slash-proof. On the other hand, a stab/ cut/ slash resistant clothing may not be bulletproof. 


Protect Key Areas of Your Body

Sharp materials can cause damage or worst death to anyone attacked with it, especially when vulnerable areas of the body are hit. Other than a direct blow to the heart or lungs, the leading cause of death to people who experienced a sharp object attack is profuse bleeding. Bleeding can cause rapid blood loss, which can lead a person to shock and death. A cut to an artery can result in such a traumatic scenario.

An artery brings oxygenated blood from the heart to vital organs of the body. Each contraction of the heart helps the arteries in pumping blood. Consequently, the arteries' pressure is higher than other types of blood vessels, which makes it possible to bleed out in seconds in case of damage. 

Trivia:When you are checking your pulse, you are palpating your artery.

There are five major arteries in the body.

  1. Carotid Artery: Neck
  2. Radial Artery: Wrist
  3. Brachial Artery: Lower Biceps
  4. Axillary Artery: Armpit
  5. Femoral Artery: Inner thigh

Protect Yourself

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Stab and Slash-Proof clothing comes in various forms: 


Most anti-stab/ cut/ slash vests in the market are also bulletproof. The best kinds are concealable and have pockets for ballistic plates if their user needs added protection. Find aConcealable Bullet and Stab Resistant Vest that has Level IIIA NIJ standards, which can protect you from both bullets and knives.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Comfortable sweats and hoodies provide a discreet cut and puncture protection up to Level 2 NIJ standards. You might want to look at theBlade Runner Anti-Slash Level II Hoodie to keep safe while staying fashionable.

Shorts / Pants

Who said you could not have protection below your torso?Anti-slash shorts and pants are now also available in the market to protect your femoral artery. 


Protect your radial and brachial artery withanti-slash and stab-resistant gloves. Aside from the added protection they give their user, most items have notable features such as providing good palm grip and improved comfort on the wrist. 

Neck Guard

A stab/ cut/ slash resistant neck guard protects its users from damage to the carotid artery and jugular vein, which could both cause profuse bleeding. One of the most popular items, thePPSS Group SlashPRO Neck Guard, has polyester material and is 100% latex-free.


    Are there vests that are both bullet and stab/slash proof?

    Fortunately, YES. There arevests available in the market that are both bulletproof and stab-resistant. However, it is not the same for all. Some vests have anti-stab features but are not bulletproof. On the other hand, some bulletproof vests do not protect its wearer from stabbing attacks.

    Here are our combo protection choices that you might want to look into:

    Invest In Your Safety

    There are various threats and risks that a person faces every day. While some are inevitable, there are a good number of incidents that you can prevent. In a case of sharp materials attacks, there are many stab/ cut/slash-resistant clothing choices in the market that can give you added protection and peace of mind as you walk along the streets.

    And even if you have bulletproof clothing, it does not automatically protect you from stab and cut threats. Keep in mind that while there are combo protective gears available, it does not apply for all. Some cut or stab-proof are not bulletproof, while some bulletproof clothing is not cut or stab-resistant. Therefore, purchasing a stab/ cut/ slash proof clothing is still a good and worthy investment.

    Nevertheless, you can always decide which protective gear is best for you, depending on your situation. Choose safety. Choose life.

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