Stab Proof Vest / Spike Proof Vest

Stab Proof Vest / Spike Proof Vest

A stab proof vest, spike proof vest, or stab vest is a type of body armor that is designed to provide protection against stabbing attacks (knives, blades, broken glass) and spikes (needles, ice picks, syringes).

Stab Vest vs. Bulletproof Vest

They differ from bulletproof vests in that they provide less bullet protection but can prevent serious injury by preventing knife penetration by a few millimeters. Most people believe that bulletproof vests can protect them from edged blade attacks, but this is not the case. Knives and other edged blade weapons can cut through the vest's protective fabric rather than getting stuck in the fibers like bullets, putting the wearer at risk of injury. Learn more about how to choose the right type of armor for you and the differences between them before you buy one.

How does a Stab Proof Vest work?

Most stab vests are made of Kevlar, a synthetic fiber with high tensile strength, or an Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHWMPE) fiber. They're then made into fabrics that are tightly woven together to form a protective barrier that makes it difficult for edged blades or spikes to penetrate. When someone tries to stab a stab resistant vest with a knife, the knife gets caught in the fabric and slips through. Instead of penetrating the armor, it becomes entangled in the weave. Even if the vest is damaged, the wearer is still protected from the knife.

Is it illegal to wear a stab proof vest?

Just like any type of body armor and depending on your country of residence, you would encounter different laws for the purchase and wearing of stab-resistant armor. Here are a few of the laws of some larger countries:

  • In the United States, it is generally legal to purchase and possess body armor. However, special regulations apply in the following states:
  • Connecticut, where body armor can only be purchased in person, and cannot be purchased online, over the phone, or by mail
  • Kentucky, where committing a crime while wearing or even owning body armor is a crime in and of itself
  • Louisiana, where it is illegal to wear body armor on school property or campuses.
  • In the European Union, body armor use by civilians is restricted.
  • In the United Kingdom, there is currently no legal restriction on the purchase and wearing of body armor.

Learn more about how to choose a stabproof vest and see our top picks for the Best Stab Proof Vests in 2021 to aid you in your decision. 

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