What Is The Difference Between Concealable and Overt Body Armor?

With the growing number of incidents and crimes, it's only natural to want to remain safe and secure. Body armors, although not new, became huge following the growth of crimes worldwide. However, between a concealable and overt piece of body armor, which should you pick?

Man wearing a black bulletproof vest

The most distinctive difference is that Concealable Body Armor uses fabric that can absorb moisture. Therefore, you can wear it underneath your clothing. On the other hand, overt body armor should be worn over your dress due to the higher weight and bulk. However, the latter type of body armor is denser and more bullet-proof because of the materials used.

If you want to know more in-depth differences to help decide which type to pick, feel free to read further. We will also give you some recommended items that you can buy.

An In-depth Comparison Between Concealable Body Armor VS. Overt Body Armor

Use - Covert or Concealable, and Overt Body Armors are two most known forms of protective armor. The benefits and disadvantages of both types depend on the hazards you are inclined to experience and the circumstances in which you want to use them. There is a distinction in the degree of flexibility offered by covered and open armors. 
    Materials - Concealable body armor has darker colors intended so that it is not noticeable when carried under clothing. Manufacturers use fabric that can absorb moisture, meaning that covered body jackets are more breathable offer higher mobility

      Design - The open or overt body armor, designed to be carried over your clothing, is bulkier and comes in distinct colors for distinct settings. They are significantly heavier than covered vests and are generally made up of harder bullet-resistant fabrics and favored by individuals in high-risk sectors like an anti-riot command, army activities, war-zone reporters, humanitarian activities, safety activities, etc. 

      Police officer holding up a concealable vest

        Security staff are exposed to distinct types of hazards every day, and at times need to show their power. In such circumstances, open body armor can be useful and prevent individuals from attacking a fully fitted law enforcement officer. Close safeguarding is a challenging job that puts a great deal of pressure on the safety operator to offer a wide variety of services. 

        The most significant aspect of the job is to be adequately prepared and to understand the possible risks. Closer consideration of the advantages and inconveniences of secret and open body armor is composed of this preparing since this can save lives in the prospective scenario of life and death. No matter what the option, there are many choices accessible to guarantee that safety operators are versatile, safe, and, of course, secure in their workflow.

        What is Covert Body Armor Made Of?

        Bulletproof jackets operate by shifting the energy of the bullet to a full stop before it can pierce the high fibers of the coat. 

        • Soft Body Armor. This armor is in levels I to III and protects typically against the type of munitions used in firearms, the FBI's number one threat in the US. Level I armor, which is the smallest available armor, can be obtained, but most companies give only Level II-A and above. Level II-A is the minimum suggested safeguard against the enhanced risks you encounter. Level III-A is the only choice if you want covert body armor and full protection.
        • Thin Hard Armor. You can also opt for a covert body armor that is made of lightweight yet hard materials. Coverts must go unnoticeable when worn by people. For you to achieve this effect, you must choose an armor that is thin enough to go under your clothes without losing its purpose of security.
        • Works Well Against Handgun Ammo. Covert Body Armors work best in low level threat situations. You can use it while hunting or as a hidden protective gear while at work. It provides enough protection to keep you safe against handgun rounds. It may not be as strong as overt armors; a covert one will help you conceal the truth that you're wearing protective gear.

        What is Overt Body Armor Made Of?

        Hidden armor may not be there for you–maybe you would like the world to know that you have body armor and are ready for anything. Some people will undoubtedly think twice when they see that you are protected from fire or even from rounds of armor.

        • Hard Armors.Hard armor works much as smooth armors, but they can not be carried undergarments like covered and soft armors. This is mainly due to their bulky, stable nature. The additional safety of metal or ceramic sheets is similar to level I to III-A. However, level III also preserves against bullets jacketing in a complete metal of 7.62 mm or M80, as the military calls them. Level IV armors provide the most exceptional security accessible and are not supplied by all producers or retailers.
        • Protection Against Rifle and Explosive Mitigation.Overt body armor can withstand rifle shots and even lessen the impact of explosions because of its durability. They are suitable for warzones where rifle fire and explosions are a high possibility.

        What Situations Are These Types of Armors Used For?

        When you buy body armor, you should always look at the region in which you work, the history of assaults that have occurred there before, etc. This helps you identify the sort of body armor you need and the amount of security you need. Below are the primary risks you encounter in various conditions, but this list is not exhaustive, of course.

        Military Concealable Body Armor Bulletproof Vest

      • Police Officers. The risks you face in these jobs obviously will rely heavily on the region you patrol. A policeman working in the roads of a town is far more probable than an official in a tiny village to experience threats from an assailant with a weapon.
      • Security Personnel. Groups of security staff are threatened with drunk, often very aggressive clients every night. If we believe that the same clients have simple access to glasses and drinks, then the possibility of stabbing them constitutes a valid danger. Fortunately, a stab-proof jacket protects against assaults against broken bottles and glasses and also traditional knife assaults.
      • Military. In war areas, the most significant amount of bullet-based security accessible becomes vital. Traditional soft body armor will not provide sufficient security for stopping a rifle round, so it must also be used with robust armor plates. 
      • Personal Use. You can also use body armors to protect yourself daily. It's best to make sure that you are safe when traveling to unfamiliar areas or sketchy roads by using body armor.

      • Great Covert and Overt Products

        Here are some of the covert and overt body armor that may be interesting for you. They are in top-quality and can guarantee your safety whenever you need them! Keep in mind that the quality of your vests matters the most as it determines your level of safety.

        Covert Armor

        SAFEGUARD ARMOR GHOST CONCEALED BULLETPROOF VEST BODY ARMOR. Featuring a 100% CoolMax carrier for breathability, fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps for a perfect fit, and multi-threat capabilities, this armor is perfect for comfortable, unrestrictive prolonged wear. Even the wearer won’t notice our Ghost armor.

        ISRAEL CATALOG LEVEL IIIA SP1 BULLETPROOF AND STAB PROOF CONCEALED VEST. Made with concealed usage in mind, you’d be forgiven for thinking this bulletproof vest only offered minimal protection. In reality, it’s bulletproof to level IIIA and even stab proof to level one. This is a must-have for covert operations, formal dress occasions and civilian usage that doesn’t look out of place.

        SPARTAN ARMOR LEVEL IIIA SOFT BODY ARMOR AND DL CONCEALED PLATE CARRIER. It is a level III-A soft body armor that offers maximum protection at a reasonable price. 

        Spartan Armor Systems DL Concealed plate carrier with Level IIIA soft body armors

        Overt Armor

        CONDOR MOPC PLATE CARRIER AND SPARTAN LEVEL III AR500 BODY ARMOR PLATFORM.It offers excellent protection while allowing you to move freely with ease. Plus, it absorbs moisture quickly because of its mesh harness ventilation.

        AR500 ARMOR VERITAS STANDARD ISSUE PACKAGE.This armor features a minimalistic profile but provides one of the most secure protection because of its highest grade materials.

        SPARTAN ARMOR AR500 LEVEL III SWIMMERS CUT PLATE CARRIER PACKAGE.The carrier itself has a MOLLE system in place, both front and back, to allow for additional customization, an emergency drag handle and is available in four different colors. The package also includes shoulder pads for long-duration wearing without discomfort.

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