Is Ballistic Protection Affordable?

Purchasing valuable items often entails more money. Just like when buying bulletproof items, the word expensive follows. Why? Bulletproof is the word that comes in between life and death. It saves thousands of lives from both potential and real threats. Having Ballistic Protection, whatever it is, will be one of your best investments. It protects you from fatal attacks and increases your safety in high-risk situations.

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Read on to learn more about the reasons why bulletproof items cost much and why it is a must-have item for the military, security personnel, or even civilians. Plus, we will share with you how you can have these items without having to break your bank.


The World Today: Modern, Unpredictable, and Unsafe

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Through the years, the world, the human race, and its society evolved. Countless positive developments, like innovations towards modernization, more accessible and faster means of transportation and communication, and improved medicine, flourished. However, there are also negative effects. The ballooning population brought about increased stress, anxiety, and unhealthy lifestyle habits, which can develop into something more fatal and distressing.
One of the most distressing occurrences of the world today is public mass shootings. Recently, it took a significant number of lives, which occurred in different places. According to statistics, for every 47 days, about four or more individuals die in a mass shooting. Some of the most remarkable shootings are the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that killed 26 people and the Orlando nightclub shooting where 49 died and 53 were wounded. The Las Vegas hotel shooting, where the shooter openly shot 480 people through his hotel room window and killed 58 of them, has one of the highest numbers in casualties.


Save a Life, Save Yours

A threat, be it real or potential, can happen anytime and anywhere. It happens in places where you least expect them to be, and it can catch you off guard. Now, the question is what should you do during a threat like an active shooter situation. Simple. Remember the three-point safety measure: RUN, HIDE, and FIGHT. Run to stay away from the shooter. Hide in a safe place, where you should not come in contact with the shooter. And, if running and hiding are not feasible, fight to protect yourself.

When your only option is to fight, the need for a bulletproof item arises. Fortunately, there are a lot of bulletproof objects that can blend in with your everyday attire. You can carry them anywhere without attracting attention. Here are some of the must-have bulletproof items that you should consider having.


Bulletproof Clothing

Bulletproof Zone offers various bulletproof clothing items, including hoodies, tank tops, coats, jackets, and many more. These clothing items can perfectly mix with your everyday outfit and are stylish enough for others to admire. No one can tell that they not only add points to your fashion statement, but they also protect and keep you safe at all times.


Bulletproof Bag

Who would have ever thought that this adorable backpack is bulletproof? A bulletproof bag is a must-have item for your little ones while they are at school. Are you not a fan of colorful bags? There are also other styles and colors that you can choose from. There are professional, outdoor, tactical, and laptop backpacks, which comes in either black or camouflage design.


Bulletproof Cap

A Bulletproof cap is one of the most discreet ballistic-resistant items that anyone can have. Although relatively small, it can protect you from shots from handguns. It has a compressed polyethylene plate that increases your safety from any threat.


Bulletproof Vest

One of the most common body armor items is the bulletproof vest. It protects its wearer from fatal wounds from gunshots. Some vests, like the SafeGuard Armor Ghost Concealed Bulletproof Vest, can also protect you from stabs and spikes during close-range attacks.


What Makes Ballistic Protection Items Expensive?

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The use of protective gears date back to millions of years ago when various kingdoms produced body armors to keep their warriors safe in combat during wars and invasions. Today, bulletproof pieces are must-have items to increase one’s protection and safety. While many want to have one, not all can afford it. What exactly make a bulletproof piece expensive??

The raw materials and how it is carefully crafted makes a bulletproof item costly. A bulletproof vest, for example, consists of layers of plastic polymers, which may be Kevlar, Twaron, Spectra Shield, or Bynema. Each plastic polymer kind differs from the way the layers are sewn and coated. An additional nylon padding may also be placed, which is either a ceramic or metal attached to fiberglass.

Once the materials are set, the manufacturing process takes place. First, they create the panel cloth. When finished, rolls of the panel cloth are carefully cut into shapes depending on the item they will become. Then, the makers will stitch together the cloth panels to form several layers. Once the layers are enough, they will place additional padding, top cloth, or a strap as needed. Once the bulletproof item is complete, it undergoes strict quality control to ensure that it serves its purpose, which is to protect a life.



Buy Now, Pay Later

To invest in items that can protect your life is absolutely a good idea. While bulletproof items are expensive, you can never go wrong in owning one when it saves you once you encounter an attack. The good news is that Bulletproof Zone offers a great payment scheme that can make the items affordable for all.

Bulletproof Zone offers two financing options to make your purchase easier to pay. Aside from the famous PayPal Credit, a Sezzle Financing option is also available. With PayPal Credit, you can have six months to zero in your balance of more than $99 before you can have an APR of approximately 25%. On the other hand, Sezzle makes it possible for you to pay off up to six weeks with no interest.

Aside from these excellent financing schemes, Bulletproof Zone also gives its avid clients more generous discounts through amazing package deals. The body armor packages vary from plates, carriers, pads, and many more.

Better To Be Safe

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Going cheap does not mean you saved money. This principle does not apply with items that may mean your life or death. Saving your life or your loved ones through having a bulletproof piece or two is always an excellent investment. Go for items that have the best materials, underwent strict quality control measures, and are reasonably priced. Learn more about Bulletproof Zone’s smart financing options through Sezzle. Make a purchase today and be safer tomorrow.

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