Statement from Bulletproof Zone - Impact of COVID-19

The world has completely changed in the last few months due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) - not only in the way we conduct our day to day lives, but also in our businesses.

Business practices and industry standards have been forced to adapt, with no definite end in sight. 

Some people may have been experiencing life threatening situations or increased risk of violence due to the decrease in available resources and limited freedom to go out of our homes.

As a result, many people have been forced to turn to protective gear and body armor as a result.

Man in military uniform walking outside a hospital

Although we hope that the need for this type of protective gear will not have to come to actual use, we want you to be equipped with everything you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

That's why we've created this article to explain how the recent Coronavirus COVID-19 situation has affected our business and the body armor industry in general, as well as to answer the most commonly asked questions we've been receiving here at Bulletproof Zone. 

We're experiencing a high number of sales and customer inquiries

We hear you! We've been receiving all of your concerns, inquiries, and order updates, we are doing our best to respond to all inquiries in the order that we receive them in a timely manner. 

Safety and security is the number one concern for everyone and this is also our top priority.Our mission is and always has been to be able to help people protect themselves in any dangerous situations or crises including the current one.

We sincerely apologize if you do not get a response from us right away. However, rest assured as we've recently increased our staff and improved our processes so that we'll be able to respond to any inquiries within 1-2 business days. 

Our staff is working tirelessly to maintain our high level of customer service while trying to get your orders home to you as quickly as possible.


Extended Lead Times Due To Pandemic Covid-19

Although lead times have been extended by an additional 3 weeks beyond the normal 3-5 week lead time due to the situation regarding COVID-19,Bulletproof Zone can assure you that your order is either being manufactured, or preparing for shipment, and we are working to get it to you in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. 

For you to better understand our process, here is a quick glimpse of the flow of how your orders work:


You------> Bulletproof Zone ---> Supplier (Raw Materials) -----> Manufacturer  -----> You


From the time thatBulletproof Zonereceives your order, it is immediately processed and sent to partnered suppliers and manufacturers, some of the best names in the industry. 

As soon as your order leaves our manufacturers' facilities,Bulletproof Zone will immediately send you tracking information so you can know when you can expect your order to arrive. 

Due to a surge of volume in orders coupled with lockdowns affecting manufacturing facilities, lead times unfortunately have been extended much longer than we’d like.

We know you need your protective gear as quickly as possible, and we are doing all we can to improve the process with the resources at our disposal. 

Bulletproof Zone is committed to having your order delivered to you while keeping you updated as often as we can. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

When will I receive my tracking info? 

The current coronavirus pandemic has both large increases in demand for body armor and protective gear while also causing shortages for resources such as raw materials as well as limiting manpower in certain cases with suspended manufacturing and shipping facilities.

However, Bulletproof Zone and our manufacturer/vendor partners are doing are best (sometimes working overtime) to make your items ordered as soon as they have complete materials.

When the finished products made by the manufacturers leave their facility, a tracking number will be immediately sent to you.


What is the status of my order?

A majority of our catalog is manufactured to order. Lead times are listed on the product details section of the product page before you add the item to your cart.

When your order is processed and shipped,Bulletproof Zone will send you a tracking number.

To see the status of your order, just enter your tracking number in the corresponding carrier's website.


I ordered multiple items but only received part of my order. Where are my other items?

Bulletproof Zoneworks with multiple suppliers and manufacturers throughout several areas in the US as well as the rest of the world.

Depending on the items you purchased, they may come from different locations and have different manufacturing and/or shipping times. 

Rest assured, you will receive all the orders in your package according to each product's lead times, as indicated on the original product page, unless we have reached out to notify you otherwise.

We will also update you with the tracking for each item if they are shipped our separately. 


How do I cancel my order? 

As outlined in our Shipping, Returns and Cancellations Policy, we back all our products with a customer satisfaction guarantee, so we created a fair cancellation policy.

Should you cancel an order because you placed the order in error or wish to return your order after delivery for any reason other than a product defect or misrepresentation, you are subject to an administration and restocking fee equal to 10% of your order with a minimum of $35, whether or not your order has shipped. 

The manufacturing process is difficult to interrupt once it has started, and pulling an order from the queue requires the entire line to stop. The restocking fee is to compensate for any resources and labor hours that have to be retired. 

If you are unable to keep your order,Bulletproof Zone highly recommends cancelling for store credit as an alternative. You are credited the full value of your order as we waive the restocking fee, and it never expires, so you’re able to shop again with us at any time.

For complete details on our cancellation policy, please see our Shipping, Returns and Cancellations Policy.


Can I return an item? 

Our store policy on returns can be found here: Shipping, Returns and Cancellations Policy.

If you want to return an item, you must be able to make a return request within 14 calendar days upon receipt of shipment.

Though we offer “free shipping” on many of our items, it does not mean there is not an expense associated with the shipping. Shipping is factored into the cost. Should you return a product that was ordered by mistake, without defect, etc., you will be responsible for our original shipping cost(s) associated with the transaction. 

Should an item be returned because it was defective, misrepresented, not as described, etc., Bulletproof Zone will issue a full refund and will reimburse the customer for all shipping expenses associated with the return. However, the product must be returned via USPS flat-rate shipping in order to receive a shipping expense refund. Buyers must ensure all returned parcels receive delivery AND signature confirmation. Insurance is highly recommended as we cannot issue a refund for an item that we do not receive back should it get lost/damaged during transit.

Please allow 5-10 business days from the time the item is received to process a refund. Refunds will only be issued to the original credit card that you use when placing your order.

For complete details on our returns policy, please see our Shipping, Returns and Cancellations Policy.



In these difficult times,Bulletproof Zone sincerely thanks you for shopping with us, your patience, and understanding.

We're a small business and our team is doing address all questions and concerns as well as ensure that your order gets to you quickly, with the highest quality standards.

Rest assured that while responses and orders may be delayed, your order and our commitment to you, our customer, has not been forgotten! After all, your safety and security is and always will be our top priority. 

Bulletproof Zone hopes you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy!

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