10 Tactical Gear Gift Ideas for Law Enforcement

As families and close friends of law enforcement know, being in the field of security comes with great risks. From everyday traffic violations to critical situation responses, officers encounter a wide range of safety factors.

Gifting a loved one or close friend carefully-selected and optimized tactical gear not only provides practical assistance while on the job but also peace of mind for everyone that your loved one can do their job safely and effectively.

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In a world with all types of security concerns, finding which is the right tactical gift to add to your shopping cart can seem overwhelming, but BulletproofZone has you covered. Check out the ten best gifts tailored to the unique field of law enforcement sure to delight the most important officer in your life. Next, discover what makes high-quality tactical gear brands so that your gift order is the best one they receive this year!

The Best Tactical Gear Products

We've selected only the highest quality of items for your shopping cart as we care about your safety. Find out what makes these tactical items so unique and unbeatable in safety.

From featured vests to backpacks, we have safety in any close and dangerous situation covered! You will find not only the next level of safety gear for your officers but also everyone close to you!

BulletSafe NIJ Level IIIA Black Bullet Proof Vest


BulletSafe NIJ Level IIIA Black Bulletproof Vest

As one of the brands most trusted by national security companies, this affordable vest is optimized for both the work and home life of any customer. With adjustable straps as well as front and rear pockets for the addition of hard armor plates, this NIJ Level IIIA vest provides the highest level of protection for price and comfort.

Further, it is concealable under uniforms or capable of being worn over other clothing to accommodate carrying the necessary gear directly on the vest using the Tactical Front Carrier with MOLLE straps option. The MOLLE webbing also allows the addition of more hard armor plates in cases when rifle ammunition may be used.

Another great feature is the CoolMax technology that provides continued breathable comfort even on those hot summer days. As you search for the perfect item, this updated bulletproof vest is one that will surely hit the mark on the best safety value for your money.


Spartan Armor Level IIIA Soft Body Armor & DL Concealed Plate Carrier


Gun violence is an unfortunate reality in the modern world and there’s no better gift to get for your loved one than a pistol-rated level IIIA body armor. Our soft model comes with an adjustable concealable body armor plate carrier that only weights 1.14 lb. The Flex Fused Core ™ is easy to wear and comfortable for a range of activities. Best of all, the materials were made and assembled in Tucson, Arizona!

Whether used alone or as a back-up for hard armor, the Spartan Armor System is one of the most popular protection vests. It also comes in 5 color options: black, white, tan, olive green, and camouflage.

Ensure that the officer in your life has the gun protection gear they desire without feeling weighted down or burdened with unnecessary clothing and accessories. This soft body armor is perfect for discrete wear and made to last. 


SafeGuard Armor GHOST Concealed Bulletproof Vest Body Armor


When hidden protection is needed, BulletZone’s Ghost concealable body armor can’t be beaten. This covert tactical body armor is the thinnest and most light-weight product out there at only 5.5 lbs. Its featured CoolMax technology provides complete comfort for uniformed officers always on-the-go. Fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps allow officers to get the best fit and range of movement. Never worry about restrictive body armor again!

Even better, this bulletproof vest comes with three upgrade options to account for any life-threatening scenario. Order from a range of options: NIJ level II or IIIA ballistic protection, Level 1 or 2 edge protection, or Level 1 or 2 spike protection.

Depending on your loved ones' most common and close work encounters, you can provide long-lasting security tailor-made for them. With both our trusted black or white color options, discreet, multi-threat body protection under any uniform is possible any day of the year.


Spartan Armor Systems Level III Shooters Cut Plate Carrier Package


Imagine the delight on your loved one’s face when they open your gift and see that you offer them complete workplace safety. With the Spartan Armor AR500 Level III Shooter Cut Plate Carrier Package, your officer will get it all! We took into account many of the threat possibilities and combined them into one functional and adjustable order in 5 colors.

The package comes with an adjustable plate carrier, two-level III 10x12 10x12 Shooters Cut Omega Plates for chest and back coverage, two-level III 6x6 Omega Body Armor Side Plates, and free shoulder pads so that this quality product grants protection for a long time.

With sizing from medium to XL, adjusting fits overtime or even between people is a quick and easy solution when you need it most. We have also incorporated an all-around MOLLE system so officers can get the most utility from one product. If you still aren’t sure if this is the right gear, the tactical design has a built-in emergency drag handle in case of critical rescue situations.


Legacy Level IIIA Tactical Vest


Uniformed patrolling is part of the duties. Police, security, and military personnel must have tactical vests that offer them the ability to work under any condition for longer periods of time. Legacy’s tactical vests are the most effective ballistic protection without sacrificing comfort, weight, and breathability. All of Legacy’s IIIA panels are suited for many shooting and stabbing encounters, which means that safety is guaranteed.

The vest comes with front security panels and options to upgrade to both back and side panels as well, and when all combined weights less than 5 lbs. Never worry about your loved one being bogged down or coming home drained because of heavy gear again!

Also pick from the three color options: green, black, or coyote. No matter the occasion, close or far, safety is around completely.


MC Armor Perfect Tank Top - Level IIIA

MC Armor Perfect Tank Top - Level IIIA

Body protection doesn’t just have to come in the form of tactical vests and body armor. Give a gift that oftentimes might be overlooked when searching for safety gear and equipment. This Ballistic Resistant Tank Top received the “2016 Red Dot Design Award” in Germany for innovative technology and design among tactical brands. Get protection for vital organs from PIST CAL 9 MM FMJ RN to REV .44 Magnum.

Made of breathable mesh and only weighing close to 3 lb, this tank top is flexible, fast-drying, and form-fitting. Its specific engineering makes it an excellent gift for anyone wanting to conceal tactical clothing that stops bullet threats either on the job or when just out with the family.

This level IIIA protection can be either black and white and has two full opening zippers. This new technology promises to leave no space unprotected with its frontal overlap system, designed to function as an anti-trauma plate and also breastbone protection.


Leatherback Gear Tactical One Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack


Next, take your gear search beyond clothing products with this featured tactical backpack. Highly functional and yet sleek, this featured backpack is the next in everyday security. Whether on the job or just responding to an emergency unfolding before their eyes while out shopping, police and security officers often rush in as first responders and heroes whenever the occasion arises. Within seconds, the separation zipper of the backpack allows the wearer to convert it into a front and back ballistic protection device.

Designed to stop a .44 magnum round, oftentimes laptops and many other items in the bag can enhance the threat protection level. Two soft armor panels provide torso protection in a crisis while keeping all the contents of the bag in place.

Armor panel pockets offer more secure armor storage options and the safety features are easy to identify with red-colored tabs or threads. The backpack also has a variety of accessories or pouches to accommodate all of life’s little necessities for home, work, school, or travel. These tactile bags are ideal for any close military or security family member you want to keep safe 24/7.


Spartan Armor Systems Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)


While safety is always the priority, sometimes workplace hazards can’t be helped which is why one of the best products might just be our Spartan Armor Systems Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). These pouches set a new standard for tactical bags by providing all the military-grade essentials close with room to add your own personalized supplies. This MOLLE-based kit works with other MOLLE shop products and is compact and portable.

Achieve rapid deployment of many medical supplies to cover close life-threatening wounds received from any stabbing or gunshots. Don’t carry more than is necessary but rest-assured, our IFAK has high-quality medical products such as shears, medical patches, dressing and bandage materials, medical tap, and medical-grade gloves.

Pre-assembled and ready for instant use, the pouch keeps everything handy but the items won't easily spill out. The adjustable retention cord on the bags means it will stay connected and organized even when used in a hurry. Customers carry only the best for those moments when life situations get more frantic. Your loved ones will have the stability and safety gear they need close within reach no matter where the job takes them.


BulletBlocker Level IIIA Men's Black Bulletproof Leather Jacket


Safety doesn’t have to compromise style with this featured men’s leather bulletproof jacket. With a classic black style and full zippered front, any man can casually wear the next great trend in body protection. 100% genuine leather, this jacket is sure to last many years and always be in style. The multi-pocketed design allows for wearable functionality in any context. When not in use, the Kevlar bulletproof interior liner may be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

While the jacket meets NIJ IIIA standards to stop a 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, .45, hollow point ammunition, or more, a full wrap option is available as an upgrade to provide additional side coverage. In this way, front and back panels overlap to grant maximum tactical protection.

It is the same area design concept as more traditional security personnel body armor vests but more discreet and concealable. Our shop offer sizes from XS to XXXL to help you get closer to looking great and feeling safe. The Bulletblocker Leather Jacket is a must for keeping the men close to you in life free from harm and performing at their best!


PPSS Group Covert Stab Resistant Vest


Frontline work puts most safety risks up close, which is why a stab-resistant vest makes a perfect gift. Fully concealable, our customer gains the advantage over blunt force trauma or even hypodermic needles. Impact-based assault may carry serious consequences, but its solution is simple. The PPSS Group Covert Stab Resistant Vest comes with featured 5mm thin polycarbonate sheets that are molded to account for the shape of the upper body and together with a free impact protective foam layer protect close vital upper body organs.

With extensive tactical research and testing, this vest is certified to CAST Knife Resistance Standard KR1 as well as NIJ Std 0115.00 Threat Level 1. If a situation becomes more physical, this tactical vest also offers protection from many hand-to-hand blows, kicks, or close blunt object hits. It also features a high-tech spacer fabric to allow excellent comfort in hot or humid weather. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you even when they aren't close enough for you to protect.

Still not sure about the best tactical gift to add to your cart for your officer? Search BulletZone’s extensive shop of products or our blog page to find the next great asset for your loved one’s safety and offer them the gift of close protection and care with our gear. If you need help or have some questions about which gear is most useful for your officer, email our customer service representatives.

Then, keep reading to discover what makes products tactical as well as highly-rated.


What is Tactical Gear?

Tactical gear is a collection of products – from clothing and footwear to equipment and accessories – that is designed most specifically to help military and law enforcement officials do their work free from harm. It encompasses every type of gear from practical, durable tactical tools and bags to body protection equipment.

Tactical clothing and bags serve as protection measures against bullets and sharp objects, usually made of advanced material that can be soft or hard. As personnel of fields that encounter several diverse situations as well as varying degrees of close safety concerns, military and law enforcement members must be prepared for all types of working environments.

Tactical gear has improved greatly over the decades and comes in different levels of protection and material to cover a wide scope of utility and security problem management.

What Makes Something Tactical?

The concept of tactical equipment first developed in the military as the gear, bags, and accessories service members used needed to assist them in achieving or performing certain tasks. The idea of shopping for tactical gear has since spread to many other fields and even to civilian customer use.

Gloves, footwear, pants, backpacks, bags, and flashlights are designed with specific tactical application purposes in mind. Versatility, preparedness, and durability are key components of tactical gear, maintaining structure and integrity even with continual long-term usage.

Whether you search featured tactical brands for items that contain featured ballistic technology or functional tactical systems that offer pouches and accessories to carry the many tools you need, tactical gear will help get you next-level utility and protection across all areas of your life.

What to Consider When Purchasing Quality Gear

Tactical Gloves

As you search featured items on a brand’s page wondering which items to add to your cart, there are 4 key areas to keep in mind in particular for law enforcement need.

1     Comfort

Officers must be able to focus on the tasks at hand. This cannot happen if their clothing, footwear, or bags are irritating or distracting. As some situations might warrant unwavering attention when patrolling large gatherings or de-escalating tense scenes, tactical clothing and gear should be operational while also comfortable to be worn and used for lengthy periods of various activities so that officers can execute their jobs without hindrance. Try looking for tactical items with adjustable sizing or useful bags to accommodate the other gear that an officer might need to carry.

2     Durability

One of the hallmarks of tactical gear across any category is the ability for a tactical product to repeatedly undergo rough impacts from multiple types of environments and still maintain high-performance integrity.

Next, consider the type of featured material the product is made from and how it will hold up based on the daily wear-and-tear. Tactical gear should be able to go through all sorts of encounters continually and not give in to tears or decreased performance. This not only pertains to tactical vests and body armor but also tactical bags, pouches, footwear, accessories, and all products that are deemed tactical.

3     Movement Range

Another feature to consider when comparing brands in the range of mobility. Similar to the military, law enforcement requires movement over obstacles, running, and even close range encounters. The heaviness of tactical clothing or bags can impact the officers’ response times. Lightweight materials might be better options for everyday use to successfully perform their many duties.

Next, determine if the tactical clothing and footwear will allow them to carry, easily store, organize, and conceal additional tools as extensions or in bags without getting in the way of the officer's mobility. Search for gear that is going to help the officer retain movement options and keep crucial tools close at hand.

4     Tool and Weapon Storage

Finally, shop for featured tactical items that accommodate the many tools and weapons officers need to carry daily. Search for bags or clothing with pockets or pouches that are accessible to get those items quickly but might also account for the need to conceal necessary weapons. As military members need to carry many work tools, clothing, and footwear that have hidden built-in pouches or adjustable straps to keep tactical equipment and accessories close could make life on the job much easier and safer regardless of the situation.

The ideal tactical gear gifts will be the ones that help your loved one complete their job with the least risk of harm or impediments while working, ensuring they come back safely home to you each evening.

Deciding Between Backpacks, Vests, Tank Tops, and Body Armor

There might seem to be a plethora of choices out there for which tactical product is the right fit for body protection. Some of the most important factors deal with accessing the risk to the individual every day. What type of duties do they regularly perform? What is the weather climate like in the place where they work? Is it important to have concealable and discreet protection or is it standard uniform to provide the greatest protection without cause for it being hidden?

Next, take into account other key components after analyzing the safety areas that may be less protected. How protected are your sides or your arms from multiple threats? Is there a tactical category that could fill in the gap or has been overlooked when selecting previous safety clothing and equipment?

Sometimes the solution might be to add a lightweight, but secure piece of underclothing category such as a tank top. Another great choice is the possibility of a backpack which can act as both a defacto vest in active shooting or hand weapon situations. Backpacks, bags, and jackets are also easy items to carry around even when off-duty and may save a life during times that can’t be planned or prepared for in advance.

Next, mobility is quite a significant factor and each individual has their own body shape and size. Being able to perform functions under intense stress or to move quickly and efficiently might just be the difference between safety and danger. While body armor can offer great coverage and protection, it may not be as practical in curtailing everyday dangers and better saved for more intense calls.

Moreover, some officers may already be supplied with equipment from work and would appreciate similar levels of protection when at home or running errands. Something wearable and fashionable in a casual setting could bring them both joy and peace for themselves and those close to them.

The Takeaway: Evaluating Everyday Risk Levels for the Perfect Tactical Gear Gift

Life is full of little dangers, but with a bit of preparation and thoughtful considerations, safety is close by. Amazingly, tactical technology has come a long way from its earlier conception days in the military, and featured products range from workplace to streetwear.

Designed to be durable and lightweight, much of the tactical clothing, pouches, and tool gear available put the individual ahead in performance and security. So whether you are shopping for clothing, bags, or first aid kits, tactical gear is the perfect solution for your next gift. Those close to you will thank you for keeping their health a priority even during special occasions.

BulletproofZone has the latest in affordable protection for everyone close to you so that safety doesn’t have to come at a price. For more gift-giving gear or to see what’s the latest trends in tactical gear, stay connected with us or email our customer service and we can assist you to decide on the right products!

Whichever gift you select is sure to make an impact because there is nothing more important than showing you care to the military and security personnel in your life!

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