10 Great Tactical Gift Ideas for the Holidays

    The holidays are just around the corner. The season of giving and love, when you share stories, gifts, and laughter, over food and drink. One of the best news you can receive during this season is knowing that a deployed loved one will be coming home to spend the holidays with you. Now, you may have given this little question a thought, “What is the best gift to give to someone who has or is serving in a tactical focused profession?” Ideally it would provide some practical use in addition to bringing a smile to their face. While items like tactical gear or accessories would be the go to, most of those who work in this profession usually are particular about their gear or already have all the gear they need.

    Little kid holds a gift and American flag behind her back to surprise a female soldier

    If you’re still having second thoughts, worry not as we have gathered the best tactical gift ideas that you can give anyone who works or has worked in a tactically focused profession, be it someone who just started getting their boots in the mud or one who has hung up theirs for retirement. Here are ten fresh gift ideas to give to your loved ones this holiday season.


    Man wearing tactical gear and EQUINOXX WATCH CAP BEANIE

    The head is one of the most important parts of your body. While a bulletproof helmet is an excellent gift for someone who takes safety very seriously, it's also important to stay warm. This is where the 221B Tactical Equinoxx Watch Cap Beanie comes in. The Beanie was designed specifically for Police Officers on patrol, but you don't have to be a police officer or first responder to enjoy this incredible beanie. It provides superior warmth, fit and comfort while being incredibly breathable. This watch cap is so lightweight and comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing it.

    2. Tactical Vest Bottle Cover

    Tactical Vest Bottle Cover

    Let your loved one be the star of their next barbecue party with the ultra-popularTactical Vest Bottle Sleeve Covers. These bottle beverage holders are miniature tactical vests that come in a variety of common outfit styles. They are also water resistant and are adjustable to fit bottles or cans of different sizes. These bad boys consist of 1000D Polyester internal material with a full outer shell Cordura material. It comes with MOLLE webbing and adjustable shoulder pads that fit most bottles, which allows the user to protect his favorite beer or beverage of choice from any threat.



    Help them protect their laptop and valuables with one of the most up-to-date and fashionable bags on the market, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Laptop Bag and Level IIIA Bulletproof Armor Plate Package. Not only will they be stylish, but their valuables will be safe. The armor plate can also be used for personal defense in an active shooter situation.  

    4. Bulletproof Jacket


    Staying safe while casually wearing tactical protection is now possible with the Bulletblocker Level IIIA Bulletproof Duck Jacket. It is one of thebest types of bulletproof clothes that come in various colors. It offers integrated protection, and they can instantly wear it whenever they need to. The jacket features removable DuPont™ and Kevlar® bulletproof interior liner for easy cleaning and maintenance. If they are off-duty military or security personnel or just a person with the utmost concern for their safety, a bulletproof jacket is a perfect gift that will surely give them peace of mind. 

    5. Pocket Survival Multitool

    Pocket survival multitool

    Help your loved one be ready for anything with this ever-trustyPocket Survival MultiTool. The 14 functions on this survival multitool offer a ton of utility in such a small package. From a screwdriver, a knife, an adjustable spanner, and an emergency rope, to name a few, this multitool is a sure dependable one whether they are camping out or just having casual drinks with their friends. They can easily carry it in their pocket or backpack. You can never go wrong with its stylish and savvy design. Structured with black stainless-steel metal, it is sleek and durable and is sure to make a great companion anywhere. 

    6. Bulletproof Backpack

    Guard Dog ProShield II Bulletproof Backpack and a woman covering herself with a backpack

    Have them safe wherever life may take them with theGuard Dog ProShield II - Multimedia Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack. The bulletproof backpack includes several compartments and a hands-free headphone jack connection for your ultimate convenience and entertainment. The ProShield II has undergone lab testing and certification by the National Institute of Justice for Bulletproof protection. Always be prepared and be protected with the most trusted backpack in the industry. Measuring 19 inches in height, this bulletproof backpack is ideal for all walks of life. It’s protected with lightweight armor and comes with enhanced comfort padding; this is a backpack that they will never want to miss on using. 

    7. Tactical MOLLE Car Seat Back Organizer

    Tactical MOLLE car seat back organizer hanging behind the driver's seat

    TheTactical MOLLE Car seat back organizer lets its users get organized with its MOLLE and hook and loop systems. It is made in the same manner as Plate Carriers and Bulletproof Vests. This Car Seat Back organizer allows the attachment of extra pockets, pouches, and gear to the user’s liking, which makes all the stuff within reach. It comes in various military colors and is made of 600D Cordura material that secures anything that is attached to it. Help your loved ones keep their things organized by purchasing them one today.

    8. Ballistic Sunglasses


    Be fashionable without compromising superb quality with the North American Rescue Gray Man Eyepro Ballistic Sunglasses. With its subtle design that fits day to day wear, these ballistic sunglasses will not let its users down with its full mil-spec ballistic protection, up-to-date gunmetal gray frame, and modern styling. Add these ballistic sunglasses to your gift list now, and make sure that your loved ones stay safe and stylish at the same time.

    9. Tactical Dog Harness with MOLLE

    Tactical Molle Dog Harness

    Walk your best dog buddy with the newTactical Molle Dog Harness. This harness fits small to medium dogs with a neck circumference of 20 cm to 45 cm and chest girth of 34 cm to 63 cm. The harness lets you walk your dog in comfort and is less stressful than the usualdog collars and leashes available in the market. It also allows you to add some personal styling by letting you attach add-ons or patches. Now your dog can have its outfit in full mil-spec.

    10. Dexterity Tactical Alpha Gloves


    Go to work or hit the range with the new Chase Tactical Pig FullDexterity Tactical Alpha Gloves. The new PIG FDT Alpha Gloves features ground-breaking dexterity and sensitivity features like the conductive thumb and trigger finger material that allows you to use your smartphones smoothly. The thinnest Clarino material available in the market is used for this one of a kind tactical gloves to offer a sensitized and isolated trigger finger achieving the ultimate sensitivity. Lastly, stretch ballistic nylon reduces pressure on the seams, and the 1000D padded knuckles work effectively to take the edge off of impacts making it more durable. 


    It’s the Best Time to Give Back to Our Heroes

    Teddy bear in military uniform in the middle of a set of gifts

    It is the time of giving. The best tactical gift idea is to give your loved ones unique gifts that are cool, witty, and can be included in their loadout. What’s more is that they promote safety for our family and friends in tactical professions. Hit two birds with one stone by getting these suggestive gifts that are not only fashionable but will keep your loved ones safe. Also, these tactical gifts are not just for your loved ones. You can buy them for yourself, so you can stay safe and protected. 

    For more ideas on what other tactical gifts you can add to your gift list this holiday season, you can checkBulletproof Zone’s wide selection of high quality and affordable protective gear and accessories. Happy Holidays!

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