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Bulletproof Clothing

Bulletproof Clothing features different styles of bullet resistant wear or concealment for everyday protection. This clothing features the same, or even higher, levels of bullet proof or stab proof protection in typical ballistic body armor and bulletproof vests. Many pieces now feature NIJ IIIA bulletproof protection, the standard level for a bulletproof vest. 

It is the perfect protective gear and bullet resistant wear for civilians as it can be used with daily activities or places of work where they are unable to use a level IIIA bulletproof vest or a plate carrier. Using trusted names in the clothing as well as the body armor industry, we ensure that all bulletproof clothing we offer is of high quality and a great piece of investment.

It's just like wearing a bulletproof vest -- only stylish, concealable, and trendy.

How is Bulletproof Clothing made?

To ensure its effectiveness in providing protection, bulletproof clothing undergoes a meticulous process. Body armor manufacturers start with a fiber that is strong but lightweight like Kevlar being the most popular and is produced by spinning solid thread from a liquid chemical blend.

Another is Dyneema, considered as one of the strongest materials in the world with a tensile strength 15 times greater than high-quality steel and is used by law enforcement and military to create body armor.

Multiple ballistic material layers are cut simultaneously using industrial cutting machines and large patterns. Back and front panels of slightly different sizes and shapes make up bulletproof clothing. The panels consist of different layers of basic ballistic materials and extensive testing is needed to determine the right ballistic material’s thickness. The final product’s thickness depends on what protection level the manufacturer is trying to acquire.

Ballistic panels, mostly with NIJ IIIA armor rating, are fitted into a carrier that is specially designed to hold them in the proper position on the body, similar to a bulletproof vest. It is possible to add panel pockets to an existing jacket or coat because panel dimensions are easily determined making the clothing bulletproof.

Why should you buy Bulletproof Clothing? 

Keep in mind that all ballistic protection material, whether it be armor plates with Level IIIA to Level IV NIJ ratings, bulletproof vest, or ballistic helmets, is just bullet resistant to different degrees. It's important to use these products correctly to ensure greatest protection.

Our Bulletproof Clothing will protect you should you ever find yourself in an Active Shooter Situation, allowing you to focus on staying safe and getting back home to your family. Make sure you and your loved ones are protected everywhere you go. 

Learn more about how a bullet resistant Level IIIA clothing can make a difference for you in a life or death situation. 

The Complete Guide to Bulletproof Clothing

Because we believe bulletproof clothing is one of the best protection you can equip yourself with today, we prepared an in-depth guide especially for you to help you make an informed decision and introduce the many different styles and varieties available in the market today.

Discover level IIIA bulletproof clothing for men, women, children, or whatever your lifestyle may be, and find out why this new form of body armor is an investment for today and for the future.