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Does Body Armor Have An Expiration Date?

Multicam body armor vest on a table with warning sign
Protective gears are meant to increase the safety of its wearer from the fatal wounds that come from bullets and sharp objects. However, note that these gears, including body armor, bulletproof vests, and ballistic inserts, have expiration dates. As such, it is critical to know and understand body armor expiration dates and its implication to a person’s maximum protection.

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10 Tactical Gear Gift Ideas for Law Enforcement

American soldier holding a christmas gift
Gifting a loved one or close friend carefully-selected and optimized tactical gear not only provides practical assistance while on the job but also peace of mind for everyone that your loved one can do their job safely and effectively.

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How to Safely Celebrate Halloween During a Pandemic

U.S. Flag and pumpkin laid on top of a table
Halloween is meant to be scary, but 2020 made it scarier (and dangerous) because of the pandemic. Still, there are lots of ways for you and your family to enjoy Halloween. Read on as we will give you useful tips to help your Halloween spooky safe yet fun this 2020.

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Understanding Different Ballistic Plates

A group of police lined up wearing full body armor
Ballistic Plates are essential inserts in the front and back pocket of armor carriers, which can be the thing that will save you from harm or even death. But the question is: Are ballistic plates necessary? If yes, what type of ballistic plate should you have?

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The Importance of Trauma Pads

Image of trauma pads
Typically, old bulletproof vests need an add-on trauma pad. But, newer versions of military-grade ballistic vests and plate carriers, such as SAPI and ESAPI systems, do not as they are rigid enough to withstand the energy of incoming rounds. 

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