Ballistic Masks

Ballistic Mask | Ballistic Face Mask

A ballistic mask or ballistic face mask, which is typically made of Kevlar or other bullet-resistant materials, provides facial protection against ballistic threats, shrapnel, and bullet splatter. Most manufacturers, such as Atomic Defense, have a six-point holding system and additional padding to the entire forehead, temples, cheekbones, and cheeks to maximize comfort and absorb shock from ballistic threats.

Most ballistic masks are rated with Level IIIA armor protection level and tested to withstand multiple hits from handgun rounds such as. 44 magnum, 9mm, 45, shotgun slugs, and many more. Half-face versions for use with any type of helmet are also available on the market. These are highly recommended for law enforcement or military officers who usually find themselves in riots, active shooting, or close-combat situations.

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