Tuffypacks Ballistic Backpack Shields are bulletproof inserts that can be placed into backpacks or other travel baggage. Founded with the primary goal to protect families and loved ones, Tuffy Packs products are tested to properly protect against gunfire equivalent to NIJ Level IIIA standards, similar to soft armor found in plate carriers used by law enforcement on the field. Their backpack plates are lightweight, easy to insert or take out of backpacks and other bags, and easy to maintain with their UV light and moisture resistant nylon covering. 

Tuffypacks lightweight Twaron Backpack plates come in a number of sizes such as the 12"x16" Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack Plate which is the standard size. In addition to the 12x16" plate, the 12"x18" plate and 11"x14" plate can all easily be placed into an existing bag or backpack, converting it into ballistic protection should you find yourself in an active shooter situation.

24 layers of Twaron material make for their extremely light yet effective protection, making them ideal in backpacks or other carry bags. Tuffy Packs backpack and plate packages also give you an instant all in one solution to keep you protected no matter where you go such as the Swissgear ScanSmart Backpack With 12x16 Backpack Plate and the TuffyPacks All-In-One Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack.

A backpack or backpack plate from Tuffypacks paired with any of the bulletproof clothing we offer is sure to provide you complete protection for any situation and they're also TSA Approved making traveling with these backpack plates an easy, hassle-free experience. Protect yourself and your loved ones today with a backpack package or backpack plate from Tuffypacks today!