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About Spartan Armor Systems

Spartan Armor Systems is a reputable ballistics protection manufacturer that works with many other manufacturers and suppliers across the country to deliver top quality body armor. They work with law enforcement, first responders, military, and other service members to provide them the gear they need at affordable prices. 

Spartan Armor Systems Products - Proudly American

All of Spartan Armor's armor plates are proudly manufactured in the US to provide the best quality body armor, making sure that you stay protected no matter the situation.

Spartan Armor offers a large number of options for their armor plates ranging from, size, triple curve, frag coating mitigation, and the ability to add trauma plates. Their plates go great with their selection of plate carriers too such as the Lightweight Shooters Cut Plate Carrier, which offers the standard features of a plate carrier for a great value. If you are looking , Spartan Armor Systems have their armor packages, including a plate carrier, two armor plates, side plates, and options for other add-ons at an exceptional value such as the Shooters Cut Plate Carrier Package.

Other items and gear you may need is also available from Spartan Armor Systems such as their Spartan Armor Individual First Aid Kit and various pouches for your loadout like the HSGI Double-Decker Taco Mag Pouch to kit out your plate carrier or bulletproof vest.

With their wide selection of armor plates, plate carriers, and tactical gear, all rigorously tested to NIJ Standards (ranging from the popular level IIIA to level IV), you are sure to find everything you need to equip yourself for the field from Spartan Armor Systems. Their high quality products for a great value make them a sure choice for your tactical gear needs. Browse their selection and set up your loadout today!