Atomic Defense Ballistic Helmet with Bulletproof Visor | NIJ Level IIIA+

Atomic Defense Ballistic Helmet with Bulletproof Visor | NIJ Level IIIA+

***Estimated Manufacturer's Lead Time: 4-5 weeks!!

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Ballistic helmet and visor kit. This package includes your choice of level 3A+ MICH or level 3A+ ATE Fast style helmet with a 3A+ bulletproof face shield.

  • Clear views and no visor fogging with our latest Texas rail system.  That way you can see how much greener the grass is on the Atomic Defense side.  
  • No pins or levels to adjust or move the visor up or down on the helmet.  Just push the IIIA+ visor up and down and it will lock into place.
  • Both the visor and helmet will easily absorb multiple 9mm, 44 Mag, 7.62, and countless other bullet types and shrapnel, without breaking!

Ballistic helmet and visor kit.  This package includes a choice of level 3A MICH or level 3A ATE Fast style helmet with a 3A bulletproof face-shield.

Welcome to Atomic Defense bulletproof your head kit.  Their visor offers a clear view and an included helmet.  All using the same standards and materials that we use for our military and police clients. What makes this the helmet you should choose?  We go above the old NIJ standard and stop up to 44 Magnum, instead of just 9mm.

  • Industry-leading features: The highest safety rating available, Four-way adjustable mounting, four-point chinstrap, tactical mil-spec ARC rail system, and highly adjustable padding. 
  • Ballistic resistance: NIJ Level IIIA+ capable of stopping .50 cal AE, .44 Magnum, 9mm, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, .38 Special, .22, .380, 12-gauge slug, buckshot, and other common rounds. Even rifles like AR-15 5.56x45 JHP and AK-47 7.62x39 at long ranges.
  • Testing procedure: Each helmet is tested above NIJ standards and receives 18 rounds from various calibers to different parts of the helmet. Our IIIA+ designation highlights that our helmets are tested above and beyond the NIJ requirement. 
  • Certification: Scan the helmet's QR code sticker to view a specification sheet that displays the ammunition, angles, and distances used for testing, as well as any back-face deformation.


  • Level IIIA+/3A+ rated and tested helmet and visor. Able to stop multiple 9mm, .44 Magnum, 45 cal, 40 cal, 38, 22 LR, 12 gauge, and many more!
  • The visor will mount to any helmet with the military standard ARC rail system. The tactical ARC rail system has a 2-point bungee with vertical and horizontal rails that are instantly ready for night vision.
  • Wilcox and Rhino/RHNO NVG shrouds are ready for any mil-spec NVGs.
  • 4-way adjustable mounting to bring the shield closer to the face, further away, and up and down.
  • Locking mechanism allows the visor to stay in place at three different locking points. Straight ahead, halfway up, or straight up and centered over the head.
  • Adjusting is as easy as moving the visor up and down.  It will auto-lock in place at 0, 45, and 90 degrees.
  • NIJ IIIA+ capable armored helmets, lighter weight and safer than the old Kevlar tactical helmets.
  • Helmets use our rapidly adjustable ratchet headbands.
  • 4-point chin straps that are fully adjustable with a leather chin grip.
  • Fully adjustable memory-foam padding that can be moved around, taken out, beaten, and still retain its shape for years to come. Black padding can be swapped out or removed. Tan padding must remain inside for safety.
  • Low visibility paints and fabrics used to maximize concealability for this ballistic helmet with a face shield
  • Fire, water, and dust resistance for enhanced durability
  • Helmets come with a 100%, transferrable lifetime warranty on parts and labor.


Head Circumference

 Hat Standard





20 - 23

50 - 59

 6 1/4 - 7 1/2


22 - 27

57 - 69

 7 1/8 - 8 1/2+


  • NIJ IIIA latest 0106.01 and 0108.01 standards: Surpassed in testing with no penetration. (QR link included with helmet)
  • Helmet Material: PEAD™ Aramid shell with foam interior padding.
  • Total Weight with Accessories and Visor: 6.42 lbs / 1.55 kg
  • Color: Black, Green, or Tan
  • Sizes: S/M/L (Head Circumference = 21 - 23.5 in., Hat Size = 7 1/4 - 7 5/8) or L/XL/XXL (Head Circumference = 22.5 - 27 in., Hat Size = 7 3/8 - 8). Head circumference is measured starting above your brow line where a hat's brim would sit.
  • Complies with: US Standard - Mil STD 662 E, UK Standard - UK/SC/5449, NATO Standard - STANAG 2920, NIJ 0106.01
    • VPAM: PM 1-5 with PM 6 resistance.
    • TR DE: SK L-2 with SK 3 resistance.
    • HOSDB: HG1/A-HG2 with RF1 resistance.
    • GOST: Class 1-2A with Class 3 resistance.
    • GOST 2017: BR 1-3 with BR 4 resistance.
  • Visor Material: Polycarbonate
  • Visor Size: 5.9 in. by 15 in. / 150mm by 380mm
  • Visor Weight: 3 pounds / 1.342 kg
  • Visor Thickness: 0.86 in. / 22mm


Assembled and In the Box
  • Upgraded IIIA+ Helmet in selected color and size (Pre-assembled with the following)

    • Straps and harness system (Color matched)

    • Exterior Velcro (Color Matched)

    • ARC rail system (Color matched)

    • Bolts holding the ARC rails in place (Black)

    • Bungees with self-hold integrated into the ARC rails (Color matched)

    • NVG Shroud (Sometimes called the NVG mount) (Color matched)

    • Black and Tan Interior padding sets (one thin set and 2 thicker sets). Padding sets can be mixed, matched, or removed as long as the Tan safety padding remains.

    • ARC to Picatinny adapter

  • 3A visor (Pre-assembled with the following)

    • Pre-attached brackets and mounting system

    • Visor Fabric Cover (Not pictured)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes the Helmets Different From the Competition?

The MICH and FAST helmets offer IIIA+ ballistic protection — a level above and beyond competing helmets. These helmets include other unique features like adjustable interior padding, all-weather paint, a four-rail mount system, leather chin straps, and more. 

Does the Visor Affect Visibility?

The visor is completely clear by design. Plus, we make sure each visor is free of bubbles or other imperfections during manufacturing. 

Is the Visor Adjustable?

The visor features three adjustment points. Set it either straight ahead for optimal bullet-blocking, halfway up, or directly overhead. The mounting bracket features multi-way adjustability to change how close it is to the wearer's face. 

How Does the Visor Stop Bullets? 

The multi-layered polycarbonate material absorbs the impact to stop the bullet. 

Does the Package Include Everything You Need to Attach the Visor?

The helmet features pre-attached brackets and ARC mounting system that is ready to hold the IIIA visor. The visor comes with mounting brackets attached that slide into the helmet's ARC rails and lock into place.


Count on Atomic Defense for full-face bulletproof helmets that meet and exceed NIJ standards. We test each helmet and visor at our in-house facility in Fresno, California, and with independent NIJ lab tests. These tests surpass the requirements which the National Institute of Justice sets (NIJ). There are separate standards for bulletproof helmets and face shields, which follow body armor guidelines. 

NIJ standard 0106.01 has four categories for helmets. Level IIIA is the top helmet class while IIA is the last mentioned in the NIJ 0106.01 standard, so all Atomic Defense helmets are tested beyond the maximum NIJ standard for bulletproof helmets. The NIJ's performance requirements for helmets and visors are as follows: 

  • IIIA MICH or FAST helmet: Helmets must resist four .357 Magnum JSP and four 9 mm FMJ. Our helmets are also tested to withstand shots from .50 cal and .44 Magnum rounds. 
  • IIIA face shield: In this level, face shields must withstand at least four hits each from .357 Magnum JSP and 9 mm FMJ. Our face shields are also tested to withstand shots from .50 cal and .44 Magnum.

We're proud to fire additional rounds into each component to ensure protection beyond NIJ standards, making our gear some of the safest on the market.  

MICH Versus FAST Helmets — Which Is Right for You? 

Our bulletproof helmets with face shields are available in two helmet styles. The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) extends past the ear to prioritize coverage. The Future Assault Shell Technology (FAST) helmet is an over-the-ear (High-cut) style for maximum attachment compatibility. Both helmet options offer NIJ Level IIIA protection. An Atomic Defense representative would be happy to help you determine the best model for your situation.

Why Choose a Helmet With a Visor? 

Full-face bulletproof helmets are a great choice in dangerous situations. Choose a bulletproof helmet with a face shield when you want versatile protection, constant comfort, and complete visibility. There are a few different reasons to choose a helmet and visor: 

  • Our helmets provide overhead protection and face coverage through one of the strongest bulletproof materials available. We carry multiple versions, each offering NIJ level IIIA ballistic resistance for the head and face.
  • Both the helmet and facial visor include features that optimize comfort. Set the lightweight helmet's padding so its soft padding fits comfortably on your head after hours of wear. 
  • Each helmet includes an ARC rail system that makes installing, adjusting, and removing the transparent visor easy. Position the visitor at any point to see normally.
  • This helmet-mounted visor will not fog up and will never restrict your breathing.

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