Easy & Quick Bulletproof Protection. Anywhere. Anytime.


Light, Simple & Affordable Ballistic Protection

Typical bulletproof vests are simply not made for normal people. They're expensive, bulky, and contain a bunch of unnecessary features that the average person doesn't need.

The ProtectVest is designed to be a lightweight, simple, fast, and easy to wear plate carrier that can be thrown on immediately in case of an emergency. Every second counts in providing potentially life-saving protection until the wearer is able to reach safety.

A Bulletproof Vest created just for You

Fast Deployment

Secure the ProtectVest in less than ten seconds, saving valuable time.


High quality materials for long lasting protection, strength, and longevity.


Allows for full range of motion and comfortable wear for quick movement.


Shoulder and waist straps can be adjusted for to fit, suitable for different body types.


Folds compact for long term storage ideal for many different places.


Clear panel indicators and one strap waist adjustment for simple wear.

ProtectVest Complete Overview

A simple, intentional design for rapid bulletproof protection deployment

Safety You Can Trust

The primary purpose of any bulletproof vest is to protect and preserve life, covering the most vital portions of the body with
protective armor technology. Bulletproof Vests usually use twaron, cordura, and other rugged fabric materials meant to hold kevlar or steel plates while not sacrificing comfort and breathability. The Protect Vest will use these same high-quality materials to ensure its effectiveness even after years of storage.

Lightweight & Portable

Most bulletproof vests have features such as buckles, MOLLE, and pockets that add to their overall bulk and profile. The Protect Vest is designed to be compact and storable to be kept in many different places; backpacks. cars, possibly even schools or other public venues for ballistic protection that's always within easy reach regardless of what you're doing.

Adjustable & Customizable

The ProtectVest is designed to be able to accommodate a number of different armor types. Lighter Level IIIA armor would protect against lower velocity threats such as handguns while heavier hard armor would protect against rifles and automatic weapons. It will be easy to change the armor to your preferences and these plates could also be placed in other future products to be released.

Quick & Easy to Use

Many existing bulletproof vests have complicated mechanisms and instructions for setup or daily wear. The ProtectVest is designed to be as easy as possible to use (similarly to life vests) in the event of emergencies. The vest can be opened up, thrown over your body, and fastened in less than ten seconds, saving you precious time to hide or flee while staying protected.

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