The waist and shoulder straps can be adjusted with velcro up to three sizes bigger and one size smaller then the chosen size, therefore the vest size does not have to be exact.

To check your best fit size:
  1. Check your chest size (size B on the chart) 
  2. Make sure that your waist size (size C) fits the size you chose.
  3. If your waist size is 20%  higher than your chest size, you will need to choose the size according to the waist size.
  4. Make sure the torso length (size D on the chart) fits your size. 


Size USA Men
Shirt Size
B. Across the Front Chest C. Across the Front Waist D. Torso Height
S XXS 15.7 in 40 cm 15 in 38 cm 16.7 in 42.5 cm
M XS 17 in 43.7 cm 16.5 in 42 cm 17.3 in 44 cm
L S 18.5 in 47 cm 17.7 in 45 cm 17.7 in 45 cm
XL M 20.3 in 51.5 cm 19 in 49 cm 17.7 in 45 cm
2XL L 21.6 in 55 cm 21 in 53 cm 18.9 in 48 cm
3XL XL 22.8 in 58 cm 22 in 56 cm 18.9 in 48 cm
4XL 2XL 24.6 in 62.5 cm 23.5 in 60cm 20 in 51 cm
5XL 3XL 26.4 in 67 cm 25.5 in 65 cm 20 in 51 cm


Questions and Answers:


1.  How do I check my chest size?
Measure the front of your chest using a soft measuring tape or a cord (then measured). Stretch firmly from underarm to underarm across the largest part of the chest 

 2. How do I check torso height?
Measure the front of the chest using a soft tape measure or a cord. Stretch firmly down the front of the chest from the center of the collarbone (sternum depression) to your navel (Bellybutton).

3. Will a T-shirt size fit the same as the bulletproof sizes?
Yes, you can use your t-shirt size as mentioned on the chart, just make sure your chest size fit the size you chose.

4. How do I make sure it is tight on my body?
To make sure it is a tight fit, choose one size smaller than the chart size.

5. Are the sizes for men or for women?
The vests are unisex and can be adjusted to the body, as long as you follow the chart you will be able to have the correct vest.