Wonder Hoodie

WonderHoodie was founded by a daughter and sister duo who wanted clothing to keep her family safe. With her background in security and materials, she gathered like-minded people and set out to create Wonder Hoodie, a clothing line that includes bulletproof protection recognized by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice).

Many of Wonder Hoodie's jackets and vests utilize certified NIJ Level IIIA protection which can be found in the armor that many law enforcement officers use in plate carriers or bulletproof vests.

The Wonder Hoodie is their signature item offering protection in both the chest and the head when the hood is up. The panels in the chest provide protection even when the jacket is not zipped up and they are also easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

A Children's Version of the Wonder Hoodie is also available to keep your children safe wherever they go in a discreet manner! Other great products include the Bulletproof and Slash Proof Denim Jackets as well as Bulletproof Fleece Vests for Men and Women

Wonder Hoodie also supports great programs such as their Safe Schools Program! For every 10 hoodies that are sold, one is donated to a student or teacher in an at-risk neighborhood. Go through your day with peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are safe with Wonder Hoodie today!