Talos Ballistics

Talos Ballistics has 30 years of experience in law enforcement and government markets. Their commitment to providing only the latest and best Bulletproof Clothing, Bulletproof Backpacks, and other anti-ballistic gear. Whether concealable, overt, or something simply to provide peace of mind that you and your loved ones will always be protected, Talos Ballistics focuses on creating comfortable, and officially certified Bulletproof Clothing and other protective gear that meets NIJ standards. All of their products are specifically designed with customers in mind, producing some of the most flexible and lightweight ballistic panels integrated into stylish, comfortable, everyday clothing. 

Maintain a sense of style while making sure you're protected with the Talos Ballistics NIJ Level IIIA Bravo Bulletproof Flight Jacket. The thin and light ballistic panels are almost undetectable while the jacket is being worn and because it offers Level IIIA protection and the lack of metal means no hassles when going through security checkpoints at airports or other secure facilities. The Talos Ballistics NIJ Level IIIA Professional Backpack offers discreet, professional looking protection for all your traveling needs and is also TSA approved.

Ensure that your children are safe at all times, giving you peace of mind, with the Talos Ballistics Level IIIA Youth Bulletproof Fleece Jacket. This jacket is lightweight and comfortable, yet offers the same NIJ Level IIIA protection as all of Talos Ballistics' other products, keeping them safe wherever they may go. 

Make sure to check out our Bulletproof Clothing guide and browse through our Talos Ballistics Products so you can keep you and your family safe whether it's with Bulletproof Clothing or a Bulletproof Backpack, wherever you go.