Introducing our ProtectVest® collection, the ultimate in fast, easy-to-wear bulletproof vests that are designed to keep you protected in emergency situations. The ProtectVest® is a one-size-fits-most vest that is adjustable to fit most people comfortably, making it ideal for workplaces, schools, and other areas where many people may gather.

The ProtectVest® is made of high-grade Cordura, webbing, and UHMWPE ballistic material, making it durable and long-lasting. It can be stored for extended periods and quickly deployed in seconds for effective NIJ Certified Level IIIA protection.

Featuring a top-loaded plate system, the soft bulletproof panels slide straight down into the carrier for quick and easy use. The panel side indicator shows which side is which at a glance, and the hook and loop system allows for easy and secure fastening, similar to fastening a shoe.

The elastic shoulder straps allow the bulletproof panel to adjust over your torso in seconds, while the adjustable waist strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit for up to XL sizes.

Tested to protect against handgun threats up to a .44 mag, the ProtectVest® provides reliable and trustworthy protection when you need it the most.

We also offer the ProtectVest® Mini, a smaller version of our ProtectVest® designed specifically for children. The ProtectVest® Mini provides the same fast and easy-to-wear protection as the original, but is scaled down to fit smaller frames. With adjustable straps, the ProtectVest® Mini can be tailored to fit children of all sizes, providing peace of mind for parents and children alike.

For those who require even more protection, we offer the ProtectVest® L3 Hard Armor version. Tested to NIJ Level III specifications, the ProtectVest® L3 provides protection against rifle threats, including the AK-47 and M16. The hard armor plate is made of ceramic and can be inserted into the carrier for reliable and trustworthy protection.

If you're looking for the ultimate in lightweight protection, the ProtectVest® Air is the perfect choice. The ProtectVest® Air is a level III bulletproof vest that uses advanced materials to reduce weight without compromising on protection. With its breathable and comfortable design, the ProtectVest® Air is the perfect choice for long periods of wear.