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What is a Plate Carrier?

Tactical plate carriers, or plate carrier vests, are a type of body armor that is designed to hold ballistic plates, providing essential protection against firearms and other threats. Plate carriers are widely used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and security professionals due to their versatility and durability.

They are constructed from robust materials like nylon or Cordura, ensuring they can withstand rigorous use. Additionally, they often include features like MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing for attaching accessories, adjustable straps for a secure fit, and padding for comfort.

These features make plate carriers highly versatile, allowing them to cater to different body types and gear setups, making them indispensable for tactical applications.

Plate Carrier vs. Bulletproof Vest

Plate carriers offer several advantages over bulletproof vests, with the primary difference being in their construction and protection levels.

Plate carriers are designed to hold ballistic plates made from materials such as steel, ceramic, or polyethylene, offering varying levels of protection (from Level III to Level IV) against rifle threats and other high-velocity projectiles.

The versatility of plate carriers allows users to adjust the level of protection and add attachments like radios, communication devices, and tactical accessories, making them the preferred choice for body armor enthusiasts, law enforcement, and military personnel. 

In contrast, bulletproof vests, typically made from layers of synthetic fibers like Kevlar, offer protection against lower-velocity threats and do not usually accommodate external plates.

Is it legal for civilians to wear a plate carrier?

YES! Personal safety and security is everyone's right so it is YOUR right to purchase body armor like body armor plates, bullet proof vests, and tactical plate carriers. Provided that you are not a convicted felon, you can easily buy body armor and plate carriers online but keep in mind that exceptions may vary from state to state depending on local laws or regulations.

What is the Best Plate Carrier for You?

When choosing a plate carrier, it's essential to consider the type of body armor plates you'll be using, as this will influence the overall setup.

Protection Level, Armor Type (Hard or Soft), Weight, and Size are key factors to consider, especially in relation to the situations you encounter most frequently. The size and weight of the armor plates that your plate carrier can accommodate will significantly affect your comfort and mobility over extended periods.