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Founded by Colombian entrepreneur Miguel Caballero, MC Armor has produced innovative high-fashion, ballistic-proof personal protective gear and accessories for decades in both Colombia and Florida. They have been used by everyday citizens and prominent figures.

MC Armor specializes in designing, developing, and providing body armor solutions for personal protection through clothing and innovative products. All their products are tested to the highest quality standards and have been submitted to rigorous testing to guarantee its optimal performance. In fact, when you do a Youtube search of MC Armor, there’s a video of Miguel Caballero himself demonstrating the effectivity of the MC Armor Perfect Tank Top - Level IIIA by shooting his wife with a pistol gun in front of a watching audience. And well, you guessed it, she did not even flinch!

For bulletproof tank tops, bulletproof jackets, and backpack inserts, make sure to check out MC Armor’s complete collection and keep yourself protected anywhere you go.