Guard Dog Security

Innovative Personal Security Solutions

Guard Dog Security is dedicated to transforming the personal security industry with a range of high-quality, non-lethal products designed to fit seamlessly into your daily life.

Their bulletproof backpacks offer practical and effective solutions to help you feel confident and protected in any situation. Trusted and reliable, Guard Dog Security products are the perfect blend of innovation and safety.

Leading the Way in Personal Safety

Since its founding in 2009, Guard Dog Security has been a pioneer in the personal security industry, holding over 25 U.S. patents for their groundbreaking designs. With a commitment to innovation and customer safety, Guard Dog Security continues to introduce new products that set the standard for personal protection.

Whether you need a discreet self-defense tool or a robust safety device, our Guard Dog Security collection ensures you have access to the most advanced and effective security solutions on the market. Stay safe and prepared with Guard Dog Security, where safety is not just a priority, but a promise.