BulletBlocker is a company started in 2007 by Joe Curran, who wanted to do all he could to protect his two children after the horror that was the Virginia Tech shooting. With his experience as a Ranger in the US Army and a firearms instructor, he first created 'My Child's Pack', one of the first Bulletproof Backpacks that would eventually become the Bullet Blocker brand name which continues to this day. BulletBlocker now carries a variety of products to protect you and your loved ones from backpacks, to clothing, to even brand name items for inconspicuous protection that you can use day to day. 

Many of BulletBlocker's protects utilize certified NIJ Level IIIA protection which can be found in the armor that many law enforcement officers use in plate carriers or bulletproof vests. The NIJ level 3a lightweight backpack, a popular item from BulletBlocker, offers protection for you or your children in an inconspicuous backpack giving you peace of mind when you can't be with them at school or where they play. BulletBlocker backpacks are ideal for those who commute through dangerous areas or also travel to risk locations.

If you want even more protection for your children, Bullet Blocker's bulletproof clothing such as the Youth's Nylon Jacket, will provide even more protection for your children at a very lightweight without sacrificing any quality of life wearing the jacket from day to day. Keep yourself and those important to you protected today with BulletBlocker's extensive line of Bulletproof Backpacks and Bulletproof Clothing!