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Atomic Defense is one of the top body armor companies. Providing incredible bulletproof products to citizens and governments around the world. They offer bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets, ballistic shields, and bulletproof backpacks.

The Ballistic Masks, which come in Full Face and Half Face versions, has NIJ Level IIIA armor rating for facial protection in close-combat situations, riots, and civil disorder, and are one of their best-selling product lines. This is the same mask that the Taiwanese Special Forces are wearing. It also has additional padding on all sides of the face keeping it a half-inch from the skin in case of bullet impacts.

Their Ballistic Helmets, on the other hand, are backed by military standards and capabilities.  As with all of their bulletproof products, they used high compression polyethylene and Kevlar to stop everything from knives, shotgun slugs, 9mm, and other assault rifle ammunition.