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Stab Proof / Spike Proof

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Stab proof/spike proof vests ​are a type of body armor that is designed to resist knife attacks to the chest, back and sides. They are different from bulletproof vests as they have less protection against bullets but can prevent serious injury by prohibiting knife penetration by a few millimeters. They are also needle and slash proof.


Some may use stab and spike as interchangeable terms to refer to sharp objects that might cause threats. However, these two terms are not drastically different.

Spike pertains to objects such as ice picks, needles, long nails, stilettos, and screwdrivers that can pierce or penetrate through the small spaces between the body armor fabric’s threads.

Spike protection in body armor is made to resist or stop these sharp objects since they are made of laminated plastic layers which form a solid surface. A spike proof vest usually has Kevlar and possibly chain mail under the plastic laminate that helps absorb an attack’s impact.

Edged blade or slash protection offers protection from attacks that use cutting weapons or tools like swords, axes, knives, broken bottles, and similar types of weapons. This kind of armor varies from bulletproof armor in a way it was made and designed.

Most people think that bulletproof vests can stop edged blade attacks when it’s actually the contrary. Edged blade weapon like knives can cut through the vest’s protective fabric rather than getting trapped in the fibers like bullets so there’s a possibility of being injured.

Instead of Kevlar, Twaron or other materials typically used in bulletproof vests, materials like chainmail may be applied for stopping edged weapons from cutting protective fibers.

Now that you’ve learned about the differences between bulletproof vests and stabproof vests, how do you know which one is right for you?

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