BulletSafe NIJ Level IIIA Black Bulletproof Vest

BulletSafe Black NIJ Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest

**Manufacturer's Lead Time: 1-3 weeks!

*** Please use sizing chart below for correct fit


The Best Bulletproof Vest At An Unbeatable Price. 

The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest is the best value in body armor.  It provides level IIIA protection at an unbeatable price.  This vest was launched in 2013 and just recently received a redesign.  Five major upgrades are now included in the vest to make it more concealable, more comfortable, and ready to work.  We are convinced, that if you need to buy a bulletproof vest, that the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest is the best choice for you.  

A Great Bulletproof Vest at an Unbelievable Price. 

The BulletSafe Vest offers a brand new, level IIIA (3A) bulletproof vest, trusted by national security companies, proven to save lives, and the best value in body armor. BulletSafe is the bulletproof vest you want.  It is comfortable, concealable, upgradeable, and affordable. 

What is level IIIA and why is it the right vest for me? 

Level IIIA (3A) is typically the highest level of protection you will find in soft armor. BulletSafe vest will protect you from everything from a BB gun to a .44 magnum. That is great protection. Don't settle for other vests that offer level IIA or level II. You want level IIIA. 

What is IIIA+? 

The plus is not an official designation, but BulletSafe others use it to indicate that the vest also offers protection from stabbing, knives, and slash protection. Not all ballistic materials will stop a knife, but the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest does, so we call it IIIA+.

Learn more about NIJ Protection levels.

Is this the best bulletproof vest on the market? 

The BulletSafe Vest is the best value in bulletproof vests. If you have to buy your own vest with real money, it is by far the best bulletproof vest. Find out why through this Bulletproof Vest Buyer's Guide

Accessory for BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests 

Upgrade your BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest to include the tactical front carrier.  With MOLLE straps you can carry everything you need right on your vest. 

This tactical front carrier is a great way to convert your concealable BulletSafe vest to a more tactical option.  It is everything you need to change the standard, concealable BulletSafe vest into a more tactical (tacti-COOL?) option.  All you need to do is replace the standard front carrier with this tactical front carrier.  To do so, you remove the armor panel from the standard carrier and put it in this tactical front carrier. 

If you want to switch back to a concealable vest, just reverse the process.  In under a minute you can switch from a tactical, external design to a concealable design.  It is really easy and extremely affordable. 

To order, choose the same size Tactical Front Carrier as your BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest.  That will make sure that everything fits. 

Note:  The Tactical Front Carrier fits perfectly with BulletSafe vests and replacement carriers sold after April 2nd, 2018. If you have an earlier vest, consider upgrading your standard carrier and you'll be able to use the tactical front carrier as well.

The front carrier is not bulletproof. It is a replacement cover for the front of a BulletSafe Vest.  It is used to carry the bulletproof panels that come with your BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. 

This tactical carrier will not work with any other body armor manufacturer's panels.  It is designed specifically for BulletSafe vests. 

Sizing Chart

Please use the height and weight chart below to find the right size. Your bulletproof vest size is NOT YOUR T-SHIRT SIZE. If you are between two sizes and you are fit, choose the smaller one. If you have more weight around your middle, choose the larger size. 

BulletSafe NIJ Level IIIA Black Bulletproof Vest size chart

Note: XS Vests are too small to contain an accessory pocket on the front and back, so they lack this feature.

*US Patent # US10845163B2

Another note on bulletproof vest sizing: 

Your bulletproof vest needs to fit in one main area: around your stomach. The length of the vest is not important as you can use the shoulder straps to adjust it; the important factor to consider is the diameter of your midsection. If you have a large belly try to order at the top of your size range so that you can fasten the vest around your mid-section. If you are a competitive cyclist or bodybuilder with a slim waist, order at the bottom of your size range.

What bullets can this vest protect against? 

A Class IIIA vest can protect against almost all handgun rounds. IIIA vests (included) are tested with bullets up to a .44 Magnum, which is a really powerful round. This vest will protect against smaller rounds as well. We are quite comfortable in saying that a class IIIA vest will protect you from almost any handgun you will encounter and certainly any handgun that someone conceals. Handgun violence makes up most of the shooting injuries in the US, so this bulletproof vest offers a great level of protection for you.

What won't it protect against? 

No vest will protect against every bullet, and a IIIA vest won't protect against heavy rifle fire without added armor plates. That is why BulletSafe vest has front and rear plate pockets and why we sell ballistic plates as well.

Is the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest Stab Proof? 

The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest will protect you from being stabbed by knives, razor blades, shanks, even ice picks. It offers great protection.  Here is a video that demonstrates BulletSafe stab resistance.

What are the dimensions of the bulletproof vest?

Dimensions by Vest Size
Size Weight (lbs.) Width per protective panel (inches) Height per protective panel (inches) Total protection area (sq. in.)
X-Small 4.85 15.5" 14.75" 340 sq. in.
Small 5.15 16.25" 15.75" 390 sq. in.
Medium 5.7 18" 15.75" 430 sq. in.
Large 5.7 18" 15.75" 430 sq. in.
X-Large 6.05 18.5" 16" 450 sq. in.
2X-Large 6.35 19" 17" 490 sq. in.
4X-Large 6.95 21" 18" 560 sq. in.

BulletSafe vest is 0.48 inches thick in most areas.  This includes the outer carrier.  Some areas, such as where Velcro patches are present, are thicker, but the armor/carrier material combination is 0.48 inches.

Almost anyone can order a bulletproof vest from us. 

Unless you are a convicted violent felon, you can legally order, own, and wear a bulletproof vest. The law does not limit your ability to be safe.  We ship vests to 49 states (not Connecticut, and not internationally). 

Who buys bulletproof vests.

Bulletproof vests are popular for armored car personnel, police officers, security guards, ATM service technicians, repo men, investigators, pawn brokers, gas station attendants, avid shooters, hunters, preppers, and anyone else who wants to protect themselves from danger. No one wants to die at work, so people at risk buy BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests.

Why is it a vest?

The bulletproof vest has evolved into a vest shape to protect your most vital organs and keep you alive if there is an incident. Body armor is most comfortable when it is lightweight and you can move freely. For these reasons, a vest is the best configuration. A large bulletproof vest offers twice the protection area of a plate carrier with two 10x12 plates.  If you want to protect yourself on the job, you want a bulletproof vest.

What are the pouches on the front and back for? 

If you ever decide that you want protection from rifle rounds or heavier weaponry, you'll need to acquire ballistic plates with Level III to Level IV protection rating. The Extra Small vests do not have space for the pouches.

Is it comfortable? 

The BulletSafe Vest features a CoolMax rear liner and fully adjustable top and side straps.  These features make it more comfortable than many bulletproof vests.  Still, bulletproof vests in general are not very comfortable and BulletSafe is no different.

What does this vest look like concealed under a uniform shirt? Is it concealable? 

Yes.  BulletSafe vest is designed to conceal under your uniform, shirt, or jacket.  In fact, the company is seeking a patent on their unique plate pocket that combines the ability to hold rifle plates while maintaining maximum concealment.

Who Can Own A Bulletproof Vest? 

Anyone in the USA was born with the right to protect themselves. You may own a bulletproof vest.  If you have been convicted of a violent felony, you have surrendered that right and you can no longer own body armor.  So, if you have never been convicted of a violent felony and you live in the USA you can legally own and wear a bulletproof vest.  Bulletproof vests are safety equipment, we are free to protect ourselves.

Learn more about wearing bulletproof vests in America.

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    Why Bulletproof Zone?

    At Bulletproof Zone, we are passionate about protecting lives. Every piece from our catalog is designed and rigorously tested to provide the highest quality of protection you need from firearms, explosives or even close quarters combat.

    We’ve partnered with various manufacturers that operate within the United States under a strict set of guidelines both on a national and corporate level so that when you shop with us, you will be able to select from the highest quality body armor, ballistic plates and tactical gear available on the market.

    Whether you are a military service member looking to find your own gear, a professional that operates in the security field, or an avid firearms enthusiast that capitalizes the importance of safety when shooting, our tactical gear will provide you the level of protection you need.

    Any questions or concerns? Please call us at (408)-909-4938 or email us at support@bulletproofzone.com and a member of our professional support team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
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    Demetrius P.
    Great protection at a great value.

    I do fugitive recovery and sometimes work with the U.S Marshall service transporting prisoners. I spent 8 years in The Marines 6years in 2nd Force Recon so I'm very familiar with body armor. I have plate carriers and concealible body armor. I usually use Point Blank body armor. I recently bought a Bulletsafe level NIJ3A with stab protection, the vest itself is comfortable. My only complaint is the layer of stab protection extends past the soft armor making it very uncomfortable to move your arms as the stab resistant plate stabs into your biceps making it uncomfortable in certain positions.

    Craig S.
    United States United States
    Awesome vest

    The fix and the quality vest is awesome,

    United States United States
    Good product and great customer service

    I bought BULLETSAFE NIJ LEVEL IIIA BLACK BULLETPROOF VEST and somehow it was fitted me properly. I notified customer service for a replacement with larger size. Customer support guided me thru the Teturn Authorization (RA) process. Today, I received the new one and it fitted correctly. Thanks to your team who stands behind your quality product and you exceeded my expectation. Best regards, Anthony

    Ron M.
    United States United States
    Very pleased

    Great product at an affordable price! Staff is very helpful with questions and quick to get back to you. I also purchased the front plate option. Im very pleased!

    United States United States
    Fits great I am a 40 regular

    I slept in it just to see if it was ok and it was!