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What Is The Difference Between Concealable and Overt Body Armor?

Bulletproof vest and Overt body armor side by side
With the growing number of incidents and crimes, it's only natural to want to remain safe and secure. Body armors, although not new, became huge following the growth of crimes worldwide. However, between a concealable and overt piece of body armor, which should you pick? If you want to know more in-depth differences to help decide which type to pick, feel free to read further.

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What are the Different Types of Body Armor?

Three Plate carriers side by side
Body armor is an essential piece of safety equipment that provides protection against various dangerous threats such as penetrating attacks by weapons, slashing, bludgeoning, etc. It is commonly known to be used by military personnel, police, security guards, and bodyguards, however, it is now being used by private citizens who also need protection against said threats. If you are a private citizen who wants body armor for your personal protection, you should have a better understanding about body armor before you actually buy one.

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